Covid19 new


During this world wide outbreak, we as a community of faith pray for each other as we make our individual journeys through the quagmire. May God bless us all, May he keep us healthy and send His Spirit to be with those who acquire this virus.


Mass Schedules, Masses have resumed at the parishes in accordance with the previous mass schedules. During the warmer months (Apr. 15 thru Oct 14th) Saturday vigils masses are at Sacred Heart of Mary, and during the cooler months (Oct. 15th thru Apr. 14th) the vigils are at St. Louis. Vigil masses are at 4:30 pm. Sunday mass at St. Louis is at 8:00 am, and at Sacred Heart of Mary at 11:00 am. Come and pray with us. Be reminded that the dispensation from the requirement to attend mass has been removed. All Catholics who are able to attend mass in person are required to do so. We are making extraordinary effort to protect our families, however we want you to feel comfortable in your return to church.  We are making the mass available online, click here to view. Weekday masses have also resumed. For those wishing to come to mass without the big crowds perhaps you will find the daily mass much more to your comfort level.


Fish Fry, Bingo, Morning and Evening Bible Studies, Senior Citizens' Luncheon, and most other small group meetings remain canceled.