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Create a clean heart in me

Hello Friends

On this Fifth Sunday of Lent, we are given the words of Psalm 51: "Create a clean heart in me, O god." This verse encapsulates a longing for spiritual renewal and a a deeper connection with the Divine.

During lent, let's reflect on the state of our hearts. Are there areas needing God's cleansing touch? AS Easter approaches, let's embrace repentance and renewal, allowing God to create in us a clean heart.

To achieve this renewal, we must take steps in the right direction. Commitment to prayer, fasting, and acts of kindness are good steps to take. Through these disciplines, we open ourselves to the transformative power of God's grace. 

Let us pray: Heavenly Father, during Kent, hear our prayer: Create a clean heart in us. Remove the stains of sin, filling us with your love and righteousness. Amen

As we journey through Lent, may our heats be open to God's transformative work.


You Favorite priest.

Fr Matt 


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