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Browsing the November 2023 archive of Blog

Christian Charity

Posted by April Markov on 11/25/23



Greetings in the love and grace of ou Lord Jesus Christ! As come together in worship, let us reflect on the profound importance of Christian charity in our lives. 

Christian charity extends beyond mere acts of kindness; it embodies the selfless love and compassion that Christ exemplified ... Read More »

Encouragement for the Discouraged

Posted by April Markov on 11/18/23

Brothers and Sisters in Christ, 

In the Journey of faith, there are moments that may leave us disheartened, testing our resolve and challenging spirits, Yet, even in these times, we are called to remain vigilant and hopeful.

When discouragement threatens to cloud our hope, it is precisely then that our ... Read More »

Building Blessings

Posted by April Markov on 11/11/23

Brothers and Sisters, 

I am delighted to announce the introduction of a new opportunity for us to support our church community-- "The Building Blessings Collection."

This second collection is specially dedicated to crucial improvements within our church, such as upgrading lighting to energy-efficient LED bulbs, addressing the boiler in the St. ... Read More »


Posted by April Markov on 11/04/23

Hello Everyone, 

The weather has officially changed and we are now in the next season, autumn. Speaking of season changes, we about to enter a new season in the liturgical calendar next month. On Dec, 3rd, the season of Advent begins. What a great time of the year! What was ... Read More »