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Encouragement for the Discouraged

Brothers and Sisters in Christ, 

In the Journey of faith, there are moments that may leave us disheartened, testing our resolve and challenging spirits, Yet, even in these times, we are called to remain vigilant and hopeful.

When discouragement threatens to cloud our hope, it is precisely then that our vigilance becomes crucial. Remaining watchful in our faith means holding on to our beliefs, even in the adversity. It is during these trying moments that our commitment to God's teachings is most tested. 

Let us remind ourselves that in our moments of despair, our faith serves as a beacon of Light. It guides us though the shadows, helping us navigate the uncertainties that we encounter. Our vigilance keeps us steadfast and resilient, even when the path ahead seems unclear.

Together, let us support one another, providing comfort and encouragement, knowing that our collective strength in faith will carry us through the darkest of times.

Stay vigilant, hold fast to hope, and let our faith be the anchor that steadies us through every storm. 


I Faith and Unity,

Fr. Matt Hmerickhouse. 


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